Draw Your Own District Map

1. Paper Maps

A paper map is the simplest way to create your proposed district map boundaries. You can:

    • Draw a map showing all six Council districts;
    • Draw one proposed Council district; or
    • Draw the borders of your own neighborhood. Let us know if your neighborhood should be contained within a single Council district or split among two or more Council districts.

Create your map(s): Use the downloadable map provided below (includes instructions) or any paper city map in your possession.

Submit your map(s) by August, 24, 2019:

    • Email a digital file (e.g. scan, photograph) of your map(s) to
    • Mail or hand-deliver your map(s) to:

Teri Silva, Assistant City Manager
Office of the City Manager
City Hall
456 W. Olive Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

2. District Maps with Microsoft Excel Supplement Kit

Use a spreadsheet that refers to a map of numbered “Population Units” to indicate which areas of Sunnyvale should belong to which City Council district. You can use this tool to create one or more Council districts.

IMPORTANT: This option requires the ability to use Microsoft Excel, as well as a copy of Excel on the computer you are using.

Create your map(s): 

    • Download and open the Population Unit ID Map (PDF) and the Supplement Kit (Excel file)
    • For each Population Unit on the Population Unit ID Map, assign a proposed District Number (1 through 6) in the Excel file. Each Population Unit is a row in the Excel file.

Submit your map(s) by August, 24, 2019:

3. "Maptitude" Online Districting Tool

Create an account with Maptitude, an online mapping and districting tool that enables you to draw districts by Census Block just like a professional demographer. You can create, save, fine-tune, and electronically submit one or more proposed district maps. The tool allows you to see, in detail, the resulting demographics as you draw and change your map.

Maptitude is a powerful (but complicated) tool that can be challenging to figure out at first. Before you log in, review the following guides:

The Maptitude software is available in English only, but the User Manual is available in Spanish as well.

456 W. Olive Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086